Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Retro Firewater Sailors

I thought I would throw out some videos showing 
some of the races and obstacles races we've done in the past. 

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Thursday, May 12, 2016


 My name is Jeff and I started Firewater Sailors Adventure Team. 
We are a group of family and friends that have decided to follow our motto,
 "Live life, find adventure, be yourself, have fun and drink.

We are a tropical viking hoard steering into the fire, into the battle, fighting 
and giving our enemies no peace.

From our facebook page:
To be clear, the "enemies" are not other people. 
People are fellow humans that are potential team mates. 
Enemies are internal:
Personal struggles.
Inner demons.

Physical challenges.
Health problems.
Whatever is stopping you from Goals not yet reached and Dreams not yet realized.
Anything that stands in your way to live life, find adventure, be yourself, have fun and experience as much as you can with friends and family.

As a team we can sail through the fire, battle our enemies, bathe in their blood knowing we accomplished something, we added another experience, achieved another personal victory for each member, then we can celebrate, raise a toast of Firewater, drink up and get ready for the next challenge, the next new experience, the next battle - together

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