Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rum Cannon - Appleton White

   Tonight's Rum Cannon in the battle against stress, reality and negativity is Appleton Estate White Jamaica Rum. Appleton Estate, having been around since 1749, has most definitely proven itself and is a safe bet when choosing a rum for any occasion.
    A mix of sugar canes, the lush soil of the Nassau Valley where it's grown, natural spring water from the estate and generations old yeast come together to make an array of different rums, all with wonderful flavors and smoothness.
    Tonight's choice goes along with what I've been drinking lately such as The Naked Turtle White Rum and Shellback Silver Caribbean Rum, both excellent rums. Appleton White is affordable costing me $17.99 for a 750ml bottle. It has a tropical aroma but it really shows itself when tasted. Letting it roll over my tongue what stood out to me was a vanilla and banana flavor. I found that it is excellent for mixing whether it's in tropical recipes or just a cola or soft drink. It is easy to say that I highly recommend this rum. 
    Now to load this 80 proof cannon in my rocks glass and fight the good fight.